Seminar Groups

Engage in a six-week, discussion-based, course designed to equip you for Christian living. If you have any questions regarding Seminar Groups, please contact: Paul Nunez or Candi Miller

Fall Session: September 9 - October 14

A Christian Introduction to LGBTQ+
9:00am | Building B | Rm 213-215 | Russ and Michelle George 
Conversations every Christian should have about Faith, Sexuality, & Gender

How to Read and Study Scripture 
9:00am | Building B | Rm 219-221 | Candi Miller 
Understand the difference between reading and studying the bible and learn practical study methods that you can use to dive deeper into scripture. 

Hebrew Alphabet and a Few Words 
10:30 a.m. | Building B | Rm 219-221 | Harry Briley & Paula Leigh 
Learn the Hebrew Alphabet in six sessions with a few Biblical words using just those letters learned each specific week. 

Train Up Your Child in the Way They Should Go 
10:30 a.m. | Building B | Rm 213-215 | Jenifer Leigh
A focus on parenting using Scripture in order to learn how to balance acceptance and accountability to raise respectful, responsible, caring children.