A Brief history of Trinity

In 1952, Livermore was a small town just beginning to feel the impact of the new laboratory that had recently moved into the old Livermore Naval Air Station. That year, on May 15, 1952, missionary Walter Thompson and Mr. Ruel Cook made plans to begin a new Southern Baptist Church in Livermore. The Eagles Hall on North Livermore Avenue was secured for a meeting place. Cards were printed and distributed announcing the start of the new church. Rev. Clarence Moore and Mr. Norm Beckman from the Golden Gate Baptist Church in Oakland helped take a survey in Livermore to locate persons who would be interested in the church. 

The first service of Trinity Baptist Church was conducted in the Eagles Hall on June 8, 1952. There were 20 people present for worship and 18 for Sunday School. Mr. Ruel Cook became the first pastor. Mrs. Virginia Prescott and her daughter Sharon were the first 2 persons baptized by the church. 

The first permanent facility owned by Trinity (a house) was located at 460 North Livermore Avenue. The congregation soon purchased adjacent houses that were removed to construct more adequate education and worship space. Due to rapid growth in membership during the 1970’s, the church relocated. In 1976, a 10-acre plot of land on Olivina Avenue was purchased from the Livermore School District. Plans were immediately drawn for a new facility on the property. On February 15, 1981, a victory parade was conducted as the congregation said farewell to the old home and marched to the new facility on Olivina Avenue. 

There have been 7 pastors at Trinity, Mr. Ruel Cook being the first. The second pastor, Rev. Don Heiss (August 1955), went on to become a missionary in Japan. Other pastors, in order, were: Rev. W. A. Henry (June 1957), Rev. Gerald Travis (April 1962), Rev. Clarence Moore (Nov. 1967), Dr. James M. Morton ( March 1973), Dr. Jim Meek (May 1992), and Pastor Bill Craig (October 2016).