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Paint Your Wagon

After 1st and 2nd Service on October 21st, we'll be bringing cars around to "paint" a simple text advertisement on the back or side windows of our church attendees cars. This is a great way for us to reach all the corners of Livermore, and maybe further, with an invitation to come to our Harvest Festival.

What dind of paint are you using? >> It's a Window chalk designed to be used for car windows. "Just Married", sporting events, and school spirit are often written on car windows to make announcements.

Is it Water proof? >> After 24 hours it is water resistant, but will come off easily with soap and water or windex.

I want to help, but I don't want to block my back window. How can I do that?>> You can put this on your rear side windows if you like. The window writers are safe for car finishes, but we will not be offering that option.

Will I have to write it? >> No, not unless you want to! We'll have some talented peoples out there to do the writing, so you can just pull up and standby.

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