Social Network

Facebook, Instagram, Youtube* presence

The Social Networking volunteer will help to keep Trinity Church a presence on all social media platforms. This role works closely with the Graphic Designer, and marketing lead to use consistent imagery that promotes brand recognition and helps keep Trinity followers and members updated on community activities. Event posting and ministry promotion are the main focus for Facebook. Community events and live-streaming on both Instagram and Facebook are planned for the near future.

  • This role does require some understanding of how Facebook, Instagram, and/or Youtube operates from a users standpoint. You do not need to understand or use all of these platforms, this role can be shared with others.

  • This volunteer should be able to generate small graphic content for visual appeal, and be able to concisely phrase promotional content. (There are several ad free apps that you can use for this, and training is available)

  • This role is very flexible as far as time commitment, however the social networks should have a consistent posting presence. (1-2 posts or content promos per week)

  • Please contact Leah Schaefer for more information or to volunteer.


Maintenance and Updates

The website assistant role is both a check and balance volunteer position as well as a back up web administrator. Updating information, keeping Service Opportunities, Event Calendars, Life Groups, Seminar Series, Sermon Audio, and more current and up to date keeps our community and visitors informed.

  • Experience with website building is a plus, but is not a requirement.

  • The commitment for this role is minimal. Typically one weekly overview and update is all that the site requires for maintenance.

  • Please contact Leah Schaefer for more information or to volunteer.

Graphic Design

Seeking 2-3 person team

The Graphic design volunteers will be responsible for generating graphic content for weekly bulletins, Sunday Announcements, occasional banner art, website content, Facebook events and promotional material, Instagram content, concept art for future sermon series (working with Pastor Bill), Special event graphics and newspaper ads.

  • This role does require some skill in graphic design/art.

  • Knowledge of Adobe, Publisher, Canva, Legend, or any other graphic creation studio tool of your choice is needed. Proficiency in your program of choice is preferred. (Currently the bulletin is created using Publisher, any program can be used to recreate it.)

  • Please contact Leah Schaefer if you would like to volunteer for this team.